Prohibition On Video Games!

2011-07-09 12:24:44 by JGL096

It turns out that a few days ago wanting to create a new law that has a name: Bill S978 Act. This law is to prohibit copyright, overly taxing and ending YouTube channels.
In addition, you can get to jail for copyright.
It would be the following: If you have a music video with a scene from a movie, a game etc and has no right over it, your channel will simply be erased, excluded! That is 90% of channels would be excluded from Youtube! Since most do not put own videos! This is what has been circulating out there!
WANT TO KNOW WHAT'S REAL THIS?? After all. if true, is very serious!
Thank you!

SEE: 2m J9UmUw

READ: te r/ten_strikes?akid=700.450896.5hVZPC&r d=


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2011-07-09 12:30:16 2m J9UmUw te r/ten_strikes?akid=700.450896.5hVZPC&
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You lined wrong, dear Jogab.

JGL096 responds:



2011-07-09 12:30:35

ok NGs fault

JGL096 responds:



2011-07-10 06:58:22

I'm not in americas does this affect me too

JGL096 responds:

I think not